Description of Prilium

Prilium is an ACEi for the treatment of moderate to severe heart failure caused by mitral regurgitation or dilated cardiomiopathy in dogs

Pharmacodynamic properties:
Imidapril is a pro-drug which is hydrolysed in vivo to form an active metabolite, imidaprilat. Imidaprilat inhibits the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). This enzyme catalyses the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II in the blood plasma and tissues and inhibits the breakdown of bradykinin.
As angiotensin II has a potent vasoconstrictive action, while bradykinin is a vasodilator, the reduced formation of angiotensin II and the inhibition of bradykinin breakdown lead to vasodilation. Imidapril reduces heart preload and afterload, and decreases blood pressure without any compensatory increase in the heart rate.

Pharmacokinetic properties:
Following oral administration to the dog, Imidapril is rapidly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and reaches its maximum plasma concentration within less than one hour. The half-life of imidapril is about 2 hours. Imidapril is mainly hydrolysed in the liver and kidney to its active metabolite, imidaprilat.
Maximum plasma concentration of imidaprilat is reached within about 5 hours and decline with a half life of more than 10 hours. The bioavailability of imidaprilat is decreased by the joint administration of food. The protein binding of imidapril and imidaprilat is moderate (85% and 53% respectively). After oral administration of the radio-labelled compound, about 40% of total radioactivity is excreted in urine.

Ingredients in Prilum

Imidapril hydrochloride 150mg; Sodium benzoate Ph.Eur 30mg; Excipient to 0.880

Directions for use of Prilium

The recommended dose of imidapril hydrochloride is 0.25mg/kg once a day per oral route, i.e. 0.05mL/kg of Prilium 150mg for dogs weighing more than 4kg (1mL/20kg) or 0.025mL/kg of Prilium 300mg for dogs weighing more than 8kg (1mL/40kg). The product can be administered either directly into the mouth of the animal on an empty stomach or during the meals, or on food. However studies have shown that administration on an empty stomach gave better absorption.
Preparation of the oral solution: Remove the nipple and the stopper of the vial containing the powder and fill with tap water up to the 30ml mark. The 30ml mark is indicated by a raised ring around the body of the bottle. Replace the child proof cap and screw on tightly. 
Shake the bottle to ensure solution of the powder.
Administration: Unscrew the cap and introduce the graduated syringe into the applicator. Turn the assembly upside down and measure the quantity to administer using the syringe graduated in kg. Once the product has been administered, replace the child proof cap onto the vial and rinse the syringe with water.
Store the vial in the fridge.

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