Description of Theracalcium

Calcium is an essential dietary mineral.
Signs of calcium deficiency in nursing animals include weakness, tremors, and seizures.
Supplemental calcium may be used extensively to help treat calcium deficiency.
Theracalcium is an Injectable calcium supplement for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats. An aid in the treatment of hypocalcaemia including milk fever in cattle.

Ingredients in Theracalcium

3.125g Calcium (as Calcium Gluconate) and 0.82g Calcium (as Calcium Glucoheptonate). Also contains Boric Acid 8.2g/100mL.

Directions for use of Theracalcim

For intramuscular and subcutaneous administration.
Adult Cattle 100 ml
Adult Horses 50 ml - 100 ml
Foals and Calves 20 ml - 30 ml
Sheep and Goats 20 ml - 30 ml
Adult Pigs 10 ml-15 ml
Piglets (SC only) 1 ml-2 ml
Dogs 2 ml- 10 ml
Cats 1 ml- 2 ml

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