Our products for OTHERS

  • Cue-Mate

    Intravaginal Progesterone Treatment, to prime anoestrous cows and induce cycling and to inhibit follicle maturation for synchronising oestrus in normal cows

  • Enisyl-F

    Enisyl-F, the first lysine-based nutritional supplement developed to support cats' natural defences

  •  Folltropin®-V

    Folltropin-V is an FSH that induces superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows.


    For hormonal manipulation of reproduction in Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Pigs

  • Vetoquinol Theracalcium 100ml

    Injectable calcium supplement to aid in the treatment of hypocalcaemia.

  • Theracalcium

    Theracalcium supplement to aid in the treatment of hypocalcaemia including milk fever in cattle.

  • Tolfedine®

    Non-sterodial anti-inflammatory, used for the teatment of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs and cats

  • Tolfédine CS

    To aid in the treatment of pneumonia and acute mastitis in cattle and metritis-mastitis-agalactia in pigs.