Description of Pregnecol

Pregnecol is used as an aid to increase the reproductive efficiency of livestock.
Manufactured locally from the blood plasma of pregnant mares.

Ingredients in Pregnecol

Each ml contains 200 i.u. Serum Gonadotropin

Directions for Use of Pregnecol

In cattle, Pregnecol is administered at the cessation of treatment with a progesterone releasing device such as the Cue-Mate.
In sheep, Pregnecol is administered at cessation of treatment with a progesteron device.

• eCG has FSH and LH activity promoting growth of the ovulatory follicle, and development of the CL having beneficial effects on embryo growth and survival.
• It will increase ovulation rates and induce oestrus in anoestrous animals.
• Treatment of cows with eCG results in a larger follicle at the time of AI

Please see the leaflet for the dosage in the different species.

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