Our products for Companion animals

The emotional bond between pets and their owner is fundamental to their well-being. Vetoquinol therefore strives to develop products that are not only effective, but also easy to administer, with special emphasis on the palatability of oral products for cats and dogs.

  • Aluspray

    Aluspray is a physical barrier product for topical application on animals

  • Aurizon


    Aurizon for outstanding efficacy in treating otitis externa in dogs

  • Enisyl-F


    Enisyl-F, the first lysine-based nutritional supplement developed to support cats' natural defences

  • Ipakitine®


    Ipakitine is a complete and optimised combination of chitosan and calcium carbonate. Both substances play their role in binding phosphates.

  • Prilium 150 mg


    For treatment of moderate to severe heart failure caused by mitral regurgitation or by dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs

  • Propalin


    Help your dog regain bladder control.

  • Vetoquinol Theracalcium 100ml


    Injectable calcium supplement to aid in the treatment of hypocalcaemia.

  • Zylkene cartons


    Natural formula helping pets cope with stressful situations.