Beef Australia 2018

Vetoquinol and 360° are proud to be sponsors of Beef Australia 2018 and we will be present at both the trade show and seminar. Beef Australia 2018 only happens every three years and the 2018 event will be held from May 6 to 12. It will be a celebration of all facets of the Australian beef industry. The event facilitates Australian trade and export opportunities by exposing the local supply chain to the international industry leaders. Beef Australia 2018 will feature more than 4500 cattle from over 30 breeds and a trade show promoting more than 500 businesses, where 360° and Vetoquinol are included. There will also be a symposium, seminars and property tours along with restaurants, celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations for visitors to appreciate the quality and flavour of Australian beef.


360° will present a seminar on cattle reproduction featuring international and Australian expert speakers. We will also have a booth at the trade show where we will be discussing our product range, arranging activities and offering expert advice on reproduction in cattle. More information will be posted regularly as we get closer to event. Read more on the 360° website and on Beef Australia's official site