Sonotix®  is an enhanced ear cleaner for cats and dogs with a unique triple-action ceruminolytic formula: three ceruminolytic agents work together for the best possible dissolution of cerumen. Sonotix®  is also moisturising and soothing to help promote a healthy balance in your pet's ear, and make cleaning your pet's ears easy with ingredients that effectively remove wax. 

Paraben-free and lightly lemon-scented, Sonotix®  works efficiently and quickly to make the cleaning process as simple as it can be. 

Sonotix contains ingredients that contribute to the balance of the ear, including lipacides that aid in sebum regulation, and can be part of an ear cleaning regimen to be determined in collaboration with your vet. It's important to always follow proper practices for ear cleaning - have a look at our instructions under "How to clean your pet's ears" for guidance, and always chat to your vet if you are concerned that your pet is showing signs of being in pain.

            Three cerumonlytic agents work together:

                      • ETHOXYDIGLYCOL - lysing action disrupts the integrity of earwax

                      • CAPRIC GLYCERIDES - emulsifies debris to expedite the cleaning process
                      • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL - astringent that also aids the cleaning process

       Sonotix® contains glycerin and calendula that help moisturise and soothe whilst cleaning. 

       Exclusive lipacides in Sonotix® support sebum regulation and balance in the ear.



Ceruminolytic properties demonstrated in an in-vitro standardised method

Sonotix® was tested against four commercially available ceruminolytic ear cleaners
Nine samples of each product were tested
Four consecutive incubations show different degrees of disintegration of standardised synthetic cerumen (SSC)
Sonotix® induced an increasing degree of SSC disintegration and removal
Other products did not show effective SSC disintegration

Sonotix® yields lowest video-otoscopic scores in randomised double-blind trial on dogs

Download the vet brochure to read more on Sonotix®:

Follow these easy instructions to clean your dog's, or cat's ears.

How to clean your dog's ears:                                         How to clean your cat's ears: