Micronised Aluminium Spray

210 ml aerosol 

Physical barrier product for topical application on animals

·         Shrink body tissue, limiting bleeding and exude

·         Forms a protective physical barrier against micro-organism, moisture, dirt and insects

·         Acts as an adhesive bandage

·         Waterproof

·         Washed off easily with warm soapy water

210 mL aerosol containing aluminium powder, micronised,
4% w/w, liquid paraffin, 12% w/w and liquified petroleum
gas, 84% w/w (as propellant gas).
Shake well before use.  A superficial application onto wounds
once or twice daily, to produce a fine coating of the powder.
For optimal use, wounds should be cleaned, disinfected and
sutured if necessary before the application of ALUSPRAY®.

ALUSPRAY® is an OTC product.

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