Our Values

Values that make Vetoquinol dynamic

Vetoquinol’s policies and values contribute to the Group’s successful operation. They are common “rules of the game”, both for work and for behaviours. Everyone is expected to apply and live these values in order to maintain and strengthen the Group’s presence and culture.

Vetoquinol’s values are a reference framework guiding each person’s behaviour in their daily work. The values make it possible for employees from different fields to better collaborate, around the world, and they also contribute to greater consistency in actions and decisions. These values are reflected by expected professional behaviours that are integrated into our annual performance appraisal process for every employee.


A Good Practice Guide to maintain Vetoquinol’s ethical standards and assets

Vetoquinol makes sure that its development is consistent with legislation, ethical standards and individual rights, while carrying out healthy competition. To achieve this, all employees receive a Good Business Practice Guide.

The rules contained in the Guide define what Vetoquinol expects from each employee, irrespective of their reporting level, so that, around the world, all are acting in compliance with Vetoquinol’s ethical standards, with respect to competitors, customers and suppliers, as well as safeguarding Vetoquinol assets and preventing any risk of fraud or corruption.


Protection of the environment, a shared concern at Vetoquinol

Vetoquinol is committed to analyzing the impacts of its activity, to best protect natural resources and biodiversity, and limit its pollution and consumption. This means developing the most suitable animal health products while preserving the environment.

Vetoquinol is committed to respecting the environment in its choice of suppliers, methods of transportation, manufacturing and packaging procedures, and distribution channels. The Industrial and Quality Department is responsible for these areas.

The Health Safety and Environment area uses standard indicators for measuring progress in the fight against global warming and the use of resources. It also analyses the potential risks to the environment on an ongoing basis and for major projects, in order to provide and implement the right prevention and protection measures. It is informed of projects or decisions that impact or risk impacting any of the three components of sustainable development: the environmental, social and economic dimensions.


Vetoquinol, a company that cares about employee quality of life

The Group cares about employee satisfaction and measures it regularly. A satisfaction survey has been administered three times since 2007. The most recent was conducted in 2015 with employees based in France and will be gradually rolled out with the subsidiaries starting in 2016. In the years to come, the Group would like its local units to target being “A Great Place to Work”. Vetoquinol is committed to fighting any form of discrimination. Vetoquinol makes sure its employees benefit from fair compensation and profit-sharing. It establishes conditions that promote individual success within the organization.

Employee health and safety is an ongoing concern. The Industrial and Quality Department ensures that the highest safety standards are applied in all of the Group’s units.